We are Jigsaw.

We passionately believe that we can bring about an Ireland where every young person’s mental health is valued and supported.

Who we are

We are supporters, professionals, and volunteers who together are committed to improving young people’s mental health. We want to develop supportive communities in which young people are able to talk about their mental health safe in the knowledge that they will be heard and get the support they need.

What we do

We work with communities to start conversations, encourage understanding and increase knowledge about youth mental health. We engage with policy makers and politicians to inform their decisions and advocate for better mental health supports for young people.

Our Jigsaw services are a free mental health support for young people aged 12-25 situated in the heart of local communities across Ireland.

They provide a range of supports, including therapeutic work with young people and their parents, as well as a comprehensive programme of education and training designed to increase the mental health literacy of young people, parents, school teachers, health and social care professionals, and volunteers.

2018 at a glance

In 2018...

How we raise our money:

Donations and legacies – 19%
Charitable activities – 81%
(Including funding from the HSE and others)

How we spend our money:

Raising funds – 3%
Charitable activities – 97%
(i.e. Jigsaw services and supports)


We delivered workshops to over 27,000 people across Ireland including parents and guardians, teachers, GPs, youth leaders and young people. Our workshops have a number of aims including to raise awareness, increase help-seeking, and encourage conversations about young people’s mental health.


6,356 young people were supported directly and indirectly by our services. This was a 45% increase on 2017 (4,387 young people).


71% of 17-25 year olds who came to our services for a brief intervention saw a reliable reduction in their psychological distress.

Jigsaw has helped me in ways I didn’t know were possible. I feel like a new stronger person

A quote from a young person who attended Jigsaw for support with their mental health


Since our foundation, Jigsaw has focused on prevention and early intervention, aimed at identifying mental health issues before they become more serious, and at assisting young people in developing skills and resilience that will equip them to deal with future challenges.

Dr. Patricia O’Hara, Chairperson

Structure and Governance

To actively demonstrate openness, transparency and integrity to our beneficiaries and donors Jigsaw operates to the Charities Institute Ireland Triple Lock Standards of transparent reporting, good fundraising, and governance.


Jigsaw’s 2018-2020 strategy builds on our successes of the past 13 years and lessons learnt.

An Ireland where every young person's mental health is valued and supported.

Jigsaw - Our Strategy 2018–2020

Influencing Change

We work with policy makers and politicians to increase conversation and understanding of how best to support young people’s mental health.

In our work at Jigsaw it’s imperative that we ensure we’re doing the right things, and then doing those things right...

Dr. Joseph Duffy, Chief Operating Officer.

Strengthening Communities

We work with communities to kick-start conversation, encourage understanding and increase knowledge about youth mental health.

Watch the video...

For Christmas 2018, Jigsaw joined forces with Three to spread a message of how to support young people with their mental health and wellbeing.

Delivering Services

We provide a range of supports to young people and adults in their communities, including individual work with young people, parents, school teachers, and health professionals, and working with them together through a programme of education and training.

I felt so relaxed and comfortable, felt like I could say anything and not be judged. The change in me is remarkable, all thanks to Jigsaw.

A quote from a young person who attended Jigsaw for support with their mental health


Without our amazing supporters we could not do the work that we do every day within communities across Ireland. It is because of their drive, passion and determination that we are able to give Ireland’s young people the best possible chance at a full and healthy future.

Financial Review

It’s vitally important to us to be open and honest about how we are funded and how we use those funds to support young people.

Jigsaw gives young people a voice to talk about their concerns and find solutions that work for them. We provide somewhere to turn to, and someone to talk to.

A quote from a young person who attended Jigsaw
for sessions with a health professional.

We strive to innovate, challenge and apply best practice in youth mental health across Ireland. We aim to set the course for a future where every community across Ireland will have access to the support that Jigsaw offers -
We are Jigsaw. A quote from a young person who attended Jigsaw for support with their mental health.